1. The Ridge

Situated in Shimla, The Ridge stands out as the city's most iconic location, providing sweeping vistas of the surrounding mountains. It is a well-loved spot for leisurely strolls and capturing picturesque moments through photography.

2. Mall Road

At the heart of Shimla's bustling social and shopping scene lies Mall Road, a picturesque avenue lined with shops, cafes, and colonial-era buildings.

3. Jakhu Temple

Perched on the summit of Jakhu Hill, Jakhu Temple is a venerable shrine dedicated to Lord Hanuman, offering breathtaking views of Shimla.

4. Christ Church

Christ Church stands as a masterpiece from the colonial era and serves as an iconic symbol of Shimla.

5. Kufri

A brief drive away from Shimla, Kufri is a favored hill station, well-known for its adventure activities, including skiing during the winter season.

6. Summer Hill

Situated on a serene hilltop, Summer Hill is an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts. It derives its name from its pleasant climate

7. Tara Devi Temple

Perched on a hill, Tara Devi Temple is a scenic place of worship that offers awe-inspiring views of the Himalayas and holds a special place of reverence among devotees.

8. Shimla State Museum

the State Museum in Shimla is a must-visit. It houses an impressive collection of art, artifacts, and photographs that depict the heritage of Himachal Pradesh

9. Chail

A short distance from Shimla, Chail is a peaceful hill station celebrated for its cricket ground, which holds the distinction of being the highest in the world, and the regal Chail Palace.

10. Mashobra

Nestled within a densely forested region, Mashobra stands as a tranquil retreat, celebrated for its lush green landscapes and abundant apple orchards.

11. Shimla Southern Side