World Cup Cricket 2023

World Cup Cricket 2023 - An International Cricketing Extravaganza

The World Cup Cricket 2023, an esteemed international sporting spectacle, calls upon cricket enthusiasts from across the globe. This tournament, often hailed as the zenith of one-day international cricket, is firmly scheduled for the year 2023 and guarantees a mesmerizing exhibition of expertise, tactics, and sporting ethics.

In this cricketing gala, national squads from diverse countries will converge on the grand stage, locked in a fierce competition for supremacy within the realm of limited-overs cricket. The event furnishes an unparalleled platform for cricketers to flaunt their skills and engage in competition at the sport's zenith.

The World Cup Cricket 2023 promises to be more than just a crucible of cricketing prowess; it stands as a jubilant celebration of cultural diversity. Teams hailing from varied nations will partake, infusing their unique cricketing styles and distinctive flavors into the sport. It is an occasion that harmoniously unites fans from the four corners of the world, nurturing a profound sense of camaraderie and igniting an unquenchable passion for the sport.

Traditionally, the tournament format encompasses a sequence of group-stage encounters, followed by the high-stakes crucible of knockout rounds. The culmination of this cricketing odyssey occurs in the grand finale, where the two most exceptional teams engage in an intense battle for the coveted title. In this crucible, the outcome can hinge precariously on a solitary delivery or the well-timed execution of a boundary.

As fervent cricket devotees eagerly await the arrival of the World Cup Cricket 2023, the anticipation and enthusiasm surrounding this event swell with each passing day. It serves as a testament to the timeless allure of cricket, a sport that effortlessly transcends geographical boundaries and unites individuals in their unwavering adoration for the game.

In summation, the World Cup Cricket 2023 is poised to deliver a captivating spectacle, captivating the hearts of cricket aficionados globally. It embodies the spirit of competition, sportsmanship, and unity, establishing itself as an indisputable global sporting phenomenon. Cricket enthusiasts can anticipate an unforgettable tournament, one that will indelibly inscribe itself in the annals of cricketing history.

The International Cricket Council is on the brink of revealing the much-anticipated ICC World Cup 2023 Schedule, slated for an unveiling in the upcoming month of June, immediately following the conclusion of the Qualifier matches. It's crucial to emphasize that the ten most outstanding teams will secure their place in the tournament, aligning perfectly with the ICC World Cup Fixtures 2023.

Adding to the excitement, India has been designated as the esteemed host nation for the ICC ODI World Cup 2023. This grand event will see matches unfold in various renowned stadiums throughout the country, culminating in the showpiece Final Match at the illustrious Narendra Modi Stadium in Gujarat.

In order to enhance your convenience, we will provide you with a comprehensive ICC World Cup 2023 Schedule in PDF format. This schedule will include team-specific fixtures and intricate venue details, ensuring you're well-informed about this monumental sporting event. Mark your calendars for the commencement on the 5th of October 2023, with the grand finale set for the 19th of November 2023.

To ensure you don't miss a moment of the cricketing action, we've compiled a list of the ICC World Cup 2023 Stadiums in this post. This will enable you to secure your tickets well in advance, tailored to your geographical location. As the tournament unfolds, we are committed to keeping you updated with the latest ICC World Cup 2023 Points Table, providing insights into the performance of the competing teams.

As soon as the official ICC WC 2023 Match Time Table is released, you'll have easy access to download the fixtures in PDF format from the Schedule 2023 section of Prepare yourself for an exhilarating cricketing extravaganza, and stay tuned for all the thrilling updates!

World Cup Cricket 2023

World Cup Cricket 2023 Schedule

Date Fixture Venue Time
October 5 England vs New Zealand Ahmedabad 2:00 PM
October 6 Pakistan vs Qualifier 1 Hyderabad 2:00 PM
October 7 Bangladesh vs Afghanistan Dharamsala 10:30 AM
October 7 South Africa vs Qualifier 2 Delhi 2:00 PM
October 8 India vs Australia Chennai 2:00 PM
October 9 New Zealand vs Qualifier 1 Hyderabad 2:00 PM
October 10 England vs Bangladesh Dharamsala 10:30 AM
October 10 Pakistan vs Sri Lanka Hyderabad 2:00 PM
October 11 India vs Afghanistan Delhi 2:00 PM
October 12 Pakistan vs Qualifier 2 Hyderabad 2:00 PM
October 12 Australia vs South Africa Lucknow 2:00 PM
October 13 New Zealand vs Bangladesh Chennai 2:00 PM
October 14 India vs Pakistan Ahmedabad 2:00 PM
October 15 England vs Afghanistan Delhi 2.00 PM
October 16 Australia vs Qualifier 2 Lucknow 2:00 PM
October 17 South Africa vs Qualifier 1 Dharamsala 2:00 PM
October 18 New Zealand vs Afghanistan Chennai 2:00 PM
October 19 India vs Bangladesh Pune 2:00 PM
October 20 Australia vs Pakistan Bengaluru 2:00 PM
October 21 England vs South Africa Mumbai 10:30 AM
October 21 Qualifier 1 vs Qualifier 2 Lucknow 2:00 PM
October 22 India vs New Zealand Dharamsala 2:00 PM
October 23 Pakistan vs Afghanistan Chennai 2:00 PM
October 24 South Africa vs Bangladesh Mumbai 2:00 PM
October 25 Australia vs Qualifier 1 Delhi 2:00 PM
October 26 England vs Qualifier 2 Bengaluru 2:00 PM
October 27 Pakistan vs South Africa Chennai 2:00 PM
October 28 Qualifier 1 vs Bangladesh Kolkata 10:30 AM
October 28 Australia vs New Zealand Dharamsala 2:00 PM
October 29 India vs England Lucknow 2:00 PM
October 30 Afghanistan vs Qualifier 2 Pune 2:00 PM
October 31 Pakistan vs Bangladesh Kolkata 2:00 PM
November 1 New Zealand vs South Africa Pune 2:00 PM
November 2 India vs Qualifier 2 Mumbai 2:00 PM
November 3 Qualifier 1 vs Afghanistan Lucknow 2:00 PM
November 4 England vs Australia Ahmedabad 10:30 AM
November 4 New Zealand vs Pakistan Bengaluru 2:00 PM
November 5 India vs South Africa Kolkata 2:00 PM
November 6 Bangladesh vs Qualifier 2 Delhi 2:00 PM
November 7 Australia vs Afghanistan Mumbai 2:00 PM
November 8 England vs Qualifier 1 Pune 2:00 PM
November 9 New Zealand vs Qualifier 2 Bengaluru 2:00 PM
November 10 South Africa vs Afghanistan Ahmedabad 2:00 PM
November 11 India vs Qualifier 1 Bengaluru 2:00 PM
November 11 Australia vs Bangladesh Pune 2:00 PM
November 12 England vs Pakistan Kolkata 10:30 AM
November 12 India v Netherlands Bengaluru 2:00 PM
November 15 Semifinal 1 Mumbai 2:00 PM
November 16 Semifinal 2 Kolkata 2:00 PM
November 19  Final Ahmedabad 2:00 PM

Asia CUP 2023

Competition ICC World Cup 2023
Authority International Cricket Council
Teams India, Pakistan, England, New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Scotland & South Africa
ICC World Cup Host Country India
Defending Champion England
World Cup Edition 13th Edition
Total Participants 10 Teams
Total Matches 48 Matches
ICC World Cup Schedule 2023 5th October to 19 -11-2023
Category Sports
ICC World Cup 2023 Website

ICC World Cup 2023 Stadium List

There are multiple venues which will host the matches so make sure you check the ICC World Cup 2023 Stadium List which we have discussed below. You can book your tickets in advance for these stadiums and then cheer up your favourite teams.

  • Mumbai
  • Chennai
  • Jaipur
  • Ahmedabad
  • Kolkata
  • Delhi
  • Mohali
  • Dharamshala
  • Bengaluru
  • Rajkot
  • Raipur

ICC World Cup 2023 Team List

There are various teams which will play this competition to win the title. So we have mentioned the complete ICC World Cup 2023 Team List below so that you can get to know about the qualified teams in this championship.

  • India
  • Australia
  • Pakistan
  • England
  • New Zealand
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh
  • Afghanistan
  • Scotland
  • South Africa


Q1: When can we expect the ICC World Cup 2023 Schedule to be revealed?
A1: The ICC World Cup 2023 Schedule is on track for release in June, immediately after the culmination of the Qualifier matches.

Q2: How many teams will participate in the ICC World Cup 2023?
A2: The privilege of competing in the ICC World Cup 2023 extends to the top-performing ten teams.

Q3: Where has India been chosen to host the ICC ODI World Cup 2023?
A3: India has been designated as the host nation for the ICC ODI World Cup 2023, with matches spread across distinguished stadiums within the country.

Q4: Which stadium is honored with hosting the ICC World Cup 2023 Final Match?
A4: The zenith of this cricketing gala, the Final Match, is scheduled to grace the renowned Narendra Modi Stadium in Gujarat.

Q5: When are the commencement and conclusion dates for the ICC World Cup 2023?
A5: The grand spectacle is set to commence on October 5th, 2023, and draw to a thrilling close on November 19th, 2023.

Q6: Where can I procure the ICC World Cup 2023 Schedule in PDF format?
A6: Once officially released, you can conveniently download the ICC World Cup 2023 Schedule in PDF format from the Schedule 2023 section of

Q7: How can I stay abreast of the ICC World Cup 2023 Points Table as the tournament unfolds?
A7: We are dedicated to providing you with regular updates on the ICC World Cup 2023 Points Table, offering insights into the leading teams.

Q8: Is there a comprehensive list of ICC World Cup 2023 Stadiums available for reference?
A8: Absolutely, we've compiled a detailed list of ICC World Cup 2023 Stadiums to assist you in planning and securing your tickets in advance based on your location.

Q9: Where can I purchase tickets for the ICC World Cup 2023 matches?
A9: Official channels and recognized ticketing platforms will be your go-to sources for purchasing tickets to ICC World Cup 2023 matches, ensuring your presence at this cricketing spectacle.

Q10: What can I anticipate in terms of excitement and cultural diversity at the ICC ODI World Cup 2023?
A10: Brace yourself for an electrifying event as the ICC ODI World Cup 2023 promises a fusion of cricketing excellence and cultural diversity. Teams from across the globe will bring their unique styles and flavors to the game, creating an unforgettable experience.

corld cup 2023


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