2023 Best Colleges for Criminal Justice in America

 criminal justice colleges

John Jay College of Criminal Justice - Located in New York City, John Jay College is a senior college of the City University of New York system that specializes in criminal justice, forensic science, and public service.

University of California, Irvine - The Department of Criminology, Law and Society at UC Irvine offers a wide range of programs, including a bachelor's degree in Criminology, Law and Society, as well as a master's degree and a PhD in Criminology, Law and Society.

University of Maryland Global Campus - UMGC offers a variety of criminal justice programs, including a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, a master's degree in Management with a specialization in Criminal Justice, and a certificate in Criminal Justice.

Florida State University - The College of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Florida State University offers a comprehensive program of study that includes a bachelor's degree in Criminology, a master's degree in Criminal Justice, and a PhD in Criminology.

Boston University - The School of Criminal Justice at Boston University offers a variety of degree programs, including a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, a master's degree in Criminal Justice, and a PhD in Criminal Justice.

University of Pennsylvania - The Department of Criminology at the University of Pennsylvania offers a variety of degree programs, including a bachelor's degree in Criminology, a master's degree in Criminology, and a PhD in Criminology.

Michigan State University - The School of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University offers a variety of programs, including a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, a master's degree in Criminal Justice, and a PhD in Criminal Justice.

Loyola University Chicago - The Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology at Loyola University Chicago offers a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology, as well as a master's degree in Criminal Justice.

University of Cincinnati - The School of Criminal Justice at the University of Cincinnati offers a variety of programs, including a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, a master's degree in Criminal Justice, and a PhD in Criminal Justice.

 criminal justice colleges

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Florida State University

Florida State University has a beautiful campus, a plethora of academic and personal resources for students, and many opportunities to get involved in the FSU community. There is something for everyone to enjoy, whether its hanging out at the student union for a bowling tournament, a bite to eat, or an event at Club Downunder; hitting the gym for weight training, guided fitness classes, swimming, running the indoor track, or using the sauna; relaxing and unwinding on Landis Green, or even meeting friends. Every week there are so many events and club meetings to attend, so the student life is great. The only aspects I can say could be improved are the dining halls and housing situation. The dining halls aren't terrible, but they are often unorganized and don't have menu items they advertise. The older dorms are a bit outdated, and the walls are quite thin (so you can hear everyone coming back late at night). Either way, I've really enjoyed my time here so far!

CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice

It was amazing! The staff is incredible and can help you with all your needs! The students seem wonderful, smart, and hardworking. Everyone seems to really enjoy what they’re doing/studying. It was a great environment and the building is stunning. The lecture halls and decently small so when you have a lecture it’s more intimate with the teacher. One thing i love is that all your teachers will know your name. The student population isn’t too large where you would just be a random student in a class. The teachers spend one on one time with you to help you understand what is being taught. I really recommend touring John Jay and i recommend going to get your degree there also! You will not be let down!

University of Pennsylvania

Work hard, play hard! That’s life at Penn. Strengths - Great approachable Professors, almost any class or activity you can think of, wonderful diversity, beautiful campus. Lots of opportunities to study abroad. Greek life is active, but not necessary to have a rich social life. Tuition, room and board are expensive but there’s lots of aid available. Highly recommended, but very competitive admission rate ( around 8% ). Suggest applying Early Decision if Penn’s your first choice ( 18% acceptance rate ).

Long Island University

LIU Post is a great school with a gorgeous campus. They did an especially great job in keeping all students and faculty safe during the COVID-19 pandemic and that really made me feel good to be a student there. Professors are all qualified and know their stuff, too. There is never a dull moment and they do a great job at creating a comfortable social setting as well. Only thing I would change is the faculty that works in the Promise Office. They are not always the most helpful and tend to make students feel like they need to fend for themselves in order to do things for themselves like building a schedule. But over all, great school and I'm happy to go there!

University of California - Irvine

Great university, with a safe campus located in a suburban area. The campus itself is small compared to other big universities, its easy to navigate with a great park in the center of the campus. Its easy to walk to class from most housing communities, but there is also a great university shuttle system with several routes. There are several resources for students whether academic or non academic. Several clubs and organizations for students to join. A shopping center across the street with several food places and stores. And there is an on-campus pub!

 criminal justice colleges

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University of Florida

I am a remote graduate student, studying Arts in Medicine. My experience with UF has been loaded with skill building, networking and the confidence to push my new knowledge into my local community; strengthening my opportunities post-graduation. The online courses and engagement have been optimal for completing my MA, while having the flexibility to work full-time. I feel supported and encouraged from my instructors and peers. Meeting face to face at graduation will be extra special! I am confident that my remote relationships will continue to build and become strong references when advancing into my field.

Northeastern University

As someone who initially bypassed college to enter the workforce, I found it hard to really want to return back to school. Especially now that I have bills. Northeastern took my technology background and found a degree that works best with my career life while still making sure I’m engaged with other students on campus. It has been overall an incredible experience. I have met a ton of inspiring people and many people who have taken a detour from school like myself.

This school is a hockey school! The men and women just recently won the Beanpot tournament and the crowd was electric for both. Supportive staff, innovative students and great alumni network. This school is challenging at times as some of the brightest kids have decided to make Northeastern their home. The teachers know this and they are always seeking out new ways to drive the potential in all of us.

University of Miami

Miami has been a great place the past few years for me. As a transfer student, coming in not knowing anyone, I have met many types of different students from hard working backgrounds. The professors are very much committed to getting to know everyone in their class, and not just going through the motions as a mundane robot you see at some larger schools. In my experience the average class size outside of your one or two 100 level class is between 5-30 students.

The campus is beautiful. Everywhere you look is palm trees and clear skies (with the exception of your occasional rain shower) the university does a nice job maintaining the buildings and surrounding vegetation.
Food wise the options aren’t the greatest. In the past few years there has been an attempt to bring in healthier options, but for the most part the dinning hall and food court include your average Starbucks, subway, panda, so on and forth.
Safety campus is very safe Never had any issues.
Overall a great school!

Boston University

Boston University is one of the best universities in the nation! The students welcome you with open arms and are eager to meet new people from different year levels, so it is very easy for people to get involved in the BU community. As for the faculty, specifically the CS and Mathematics professors, they are the absolute best! They are so helpful inside and outside of the classroom, trying their best to make sure that their lectures are engaging, and putting aside a lot of time outside of their class for office hours. And if a student can't meet during office hours, they always try to find a way to help you out by setting up a different time to meet to thoroughly explain concepts discussed in class, answer questions that a student had, talk about possible research projects, or just have a good one-on-one conversation to talk about anything. I absolutely love Boston University and its community, and I'm so proud to call myself a Terrier!

University of South Florida

The University of South Florida is a great place to meet people from all over the world and experience new cultures. The Tampa campus is huge comprising approximately 50,000 students so be prepared to face lines sometimes. Although most of my classes so far had 100+ students in one section, it really depends on the major that you are going for. With that being said, I believe USF invests a lot of resources to maintain the campus cleaned and modern, with new buildings coming up each year. I have had great moments living on campus, but there are plenty of options to stay off campus that are more affordable and convient (walkable distance to the campus). I also completely encourage you to take advantage of the other campuses that USF (St. Petersburg and Sarasota) offers and take classes in the summer close to downtown and the beach!

Florida A&M University

I mostly thoroughly have enjoyed my time at Florida A&M University. The school offers a plethora of opportunities and displays a wide variety of education paths. FAMU is very inclusive and is filled with innumerable opportunities to gain real world experience in order to better prepare their students for their futures. Personally, as a business administration scholar, I am rewarded the opportunity to converse with some of the most profound leaders of some of the world's most successful corporations such as Wells Fargo, Capital One, Boehringer Ingelheim, and many more at our Weekly Forum meetings. This is one of my favorite perks, as it allows the students to gain first hand knowledge. Consequently, I believe that the school could improve on its overall service to students & parents. With heavy traffic, getting half from campus staff is not alway the smoothest process. Overall, the school's morale, culture, and opportunities are like none other!

Penn State

I chose Penn State University because of the multitude of research and other science-related opportunities that are afforded to you when attending a large university. I also love the overall atmosphere regarding both my studies and social life. Regarding my studies, there are so many resources available to help me when needed including tutoring services, study groups, and more. When I'm not focusing on my studies, there are many events that I can go to for fun including fairs, lectures, concerts, and more. I have not given Penn State all five stars because they offer little financial aid to middle class incomes, however, I knew how much tuition was when accepting and was prepared to take out loans. Overall, love attending Penn State because of all the educational opportunities and fun events!

Monroe College - Bronx/New Rochelle

I had an excellent experience at Monroe College. The faculty and staff were incredibly supportive and helped me succeed both academically and professionally. The career services department provided me with valuable networking opportunities and helped me secure an internship that turned into a full-time job after graduation. The campus was vibrant and diverse, and I made lifelong friends during my time there. Overall, I would highly recommend Monroe College to anyone looking for a quality education and a supportive community.


Which college has the best criminal justice program?

Best Criminal Justice Colleges & Universities in America
CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice. 4 Year • New York, NY
Liberty University
University of California-Irvine
Florida State University
Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus
Northeastern University
University of Miami
Texas Christian University.

Where is the best place to study criminal justice?

CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice.
Northeastern University.
Pennsylvania State University.
Michigan State University.
University of Cincinnati.
University of California, Irvine.
Sam Houston State University.
Florida State University.

Which degree is best for criminal law?

Police Science. If you are interested in police work, you can jump-start your career with a major in police science
Corrections. Corrections majors study prison life and consider ways to make prisons better
Forensic Science
Paralegal Studies
Legal Studies and Criminal Justice

What is the best criminal justice career?

Ranking the High Paying Criminal Justice Jobs.
#1 – Judge and Hearing Officers.
#2 – Attorney or Lawyer.
#3 – FBI Specialist.
#4 – FBI Agent.
#5 – Criminologist.
#6 – Financial Examiner.
#7 – Intelligence Analyst.

What is the best criminal justice job?

Information Security Officer. Median Salary $92,482
Prison Warden. Median Salary $88,264
Homicide Detective. Median Salary $74,737
Forensic Psychologist. Median Salary $69,453
Forensic Accountant. Median Salary $68,347
FBI Agent. Median Salary $65,383
Police Detective
Computer Forensic Specialist.

Criminology colleges, Criminal justice colleges, Law enforcement degree, Best colleges for criminology, Administration of justice major

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