What Is True Friendship?

True Friendship

True friendship is built on a foundation of trust, honesty, loyalty, and mutual respect. It requires both parties to be committed to maintaining the relationship, even in the face of challenges and difficult times. Here are some key traits of a true friendship:

True Friendship is often defined as a relationship of mutual affection, platonic intimacy, and care between individuals. As with any relationship, friendship may have challenges. "True friendship" can be a term used to describe healthy relationships between two or more friends. As healthy relationships contribute to mental health, many individuals may wonder how to cultivate this type of friendship.

Trust: Trust is the cornerstone of any good friendship. You should be able to confide in each other without fear of judgment or betrayal.

Honesty: Honesty is essential for building and maintaining trust. You should be able to speak openly and truthfully with each other.

Loyalty: A true friend is loyal and supportive, standing by your side through good times and bad.

Mutual Respect: You should have a deep respect for each other's thoughts, feelings, and boundaries.

Communication: Effective communication is crucial for maintaining a healthy friendship. You should be able to listen to each other and communicate openly and honestly.

Shared Values: While you don't need to have everything in common, shared values are important for building a strong bond.

Forgiveness: No one is perfect, and conflicts are bound to arise in any friendship. A true friend is willing to forgive and work through issues together.

Mutual Support: Friends should support each other through difficult times and celebrate each other's successes.

Empathy: A true friend should be able to understand and empathize with your emotions and feelings, even if they may not fully understand your situation.

Authenticity: You should be able to be your true self around your friend without fear of judgment or criticism.

Boundaries: While it's important to be supportive and available to each other, it's also important to respect each other's boundaries and personal space.

Shared Interests: While it's not necessary to have all the same interests, having some common ground can help strengthen your bond and provide opportunities for shared experiences.

Fun and Laughter: Having fun and sharing laughter is an important part of any friendship. It can help relieve stress and bring joy to your life.

Dependability: A true friend should be dependable and reliable, keeping their commitments and showing up when you need them.

Gratitude: It's important to express gratitude and appreciation for your friend and the relationship you share. This can help reinforce the bond and create positive feelings between you.

Growth: A true friendship should allow for growth and change, both individually and as a pair. You should support each other's personal and professional development and be open to learning from each other.

True Friendship

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The more time you spend with someone, the more you might get to know them. Over time, you'll often learn their behavioral patterns or how they treat you and other people. Being trustworthy is one of the important qualities of a good friend. A trustworthy friend may not betray you, disregard your limits, or make you question yourself. They may support you when they're able, try to remain open in communication, and stick to their word.

Mutual Respect

Healthy friendships may contain mutual respect. Although both parties may not always agree, they could still admire each other and believe they're both doing their best and acting out of positive intentions. Close friends may argue or disagree at times. However, disrespect might include behaviors like:
1. Disregarding one friend's boundaries
2. The silent treatment
3. Yelling
4. Unkindness
5. Abandonment
6. Cruel jokes
7. Being late to most scheduled hangouts
8. Peer pressure
9. Bullying

Elements Of Friendship

Empathy, trustworthiness, and mutual respect may be the primary aspects of true friendship. How someone acts when they see someone else succeeding or failing can indicate how they feel about the relationship. True friends may continue to be in your life through struggles and gains as long as the relationship is healthy.

When you're in the company of true friends, you might feel comfortable and at ease. Frequently unpleasant emotions in the company of a specific individual could indicate an underlying issue.

Healthy friends might also allow you to have other friends and connections. Although possessiveness might be associated with unhealthy romances, friends could also demand complete fidelity. However, connecting and building friendships with more than one person can be normal.

How To Find Healthy Friends

Finding trustworthy and safe friends can feel challenging if you have previously experienced unhealthy relationships. However, it may be possible. There are a few ways you can try to make healthy friends, including:

1. Attending a social group at school, on campus, or at work
2. Talking to coworkers at your place of employment
3. Connecting with like-minded individuals in an online social group
4. Talking to those who seem to have made healthy efforts in their lives
5. Avoiding those who seem to discard friends often
6. Going to a platonic blind dating event
7. Meeting people at an event like pride, the farmer's market, or a fair
8. Asking your current friends for recommendations
9. Attending university
10. Joining a volunteer organization
11. Going on a group trip

True Friendship

They respect you

Respecting someone means that you value them as a person. You hold their feelings, thoughts, opinions, and rights in high regard.A true friend should respect you by listening to you, being honest with you, and trying to keep a good relationship with you. So, respect is something that’s mirrored in most of the signs we talk about in this article.

They keep in touch with you

They call, message, or text you when you haven’t heard from them in a while. They make an effort to keep up to date with your happenings, and they also share what’s happening in their lives. They can also keep in touch through common social media like Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook.

They don’t just talk about themselves

It’s normal for someone to talk about themselves, but when every conversation is dominated by talking about their life, their relationships, their dreams, their opinions, and their interests, that’s not a good sign.

They accept you for who you are

You don’t have to pretend to be someone else to fit in or feel accepted when you’re with a true friend. They don’t try to change you or make you behave in a certain way.
With your friend, you can put down your mask, relax, and be yourself.

They Apologize When They’ve Hurt You

We get hurt even by those we love, mostly by accident. But a true friend apologizes when they realize that they’ve hurt you.

A True Friend isn’t Perfect

Many points in this list might give the impression that we should expect perfection from our friends. And I want to make clear that isn’t the case. If you expect perfection, nobody can be a good enough friend for you.
Nobody is perfect. Everyone has flaws, and even the best of friends can at times behave badly. So don’t judge anyone too harshly on just one sign from this article – look at the bigger picture. Are they a good person? And are they a good person for you? As long as you’re willing to listen to each other and take feedback, your friendship will grow stronger with time.

A true friend is someone you can rely on when you need it. They treat you with respect, and being around them makes you feel good. They have your best interest at heart. You feel comfortable being yourself with them, and you can trust them. A true friend can also be called a good friend or a real friend.

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