College Football Rankings

College Football Rankings Top 100

The conclusion of the third week of the 2023 college football season prompts a retrospective ranking of all 133 teams across the nation. Georgia retains its top position at No. 1, followed by Michigan, Florida State, and Texas, forming the top four. USC, Ohio State, Penn State, Washington, Notre Dame, and Utah lead the next group of prominent teams.

Week 3 saw Florida and Missouri earning spots in the top 25 due to impressive upset victories. Meanwhile, Ohio, USF, Army, and West Virginia made significant strides in the rankings, solidifying their positions in the top 133 after securing crucial wins

College Football Top 100 Team Rankings for 2023

1. Georgia,2. Michigan,3. Florida State,4. Texas,5. USC,6. Ohio State,7. Penn State,8. Washington,9. Notre Dame,10. Utah,11. Oregon,12. LSU,13. North Carolina,14. Ole Miss,15. Oklahoma,16. Oregon State,17. Alabama,18. Colorado,19. Duke,20. Miami,21. Washington State,22. Missouri,23. Iowa,24. Florida,25. Tennessee,26. UCLA,27. Clemson,28. Kansas State,29. Tulane,30. Wisconsin,31. Kentucky,32. Auburn,33. Texas A&M,34. Kansas,35. Louisville,36. Maryland,37. TCU,38. UCF,39. NC State,40. Fresno State,41. South Carolina,42. Mississippi State,43. Minnesota,44. BYU,45. Syracuse,46. Wake Forest,47. Arkansas,48. Air Force,49. South Alabama,50. SMU,51. Wyoming,52. Texas Tech,53. James Madison,54. Troy,55. Boise State,56. Illinois,57. Michigan State,58. Oklahoma State,59. Rice,60. Arizona,61. Rutgers,62.Memphis,63. California,64. Purdue,65. Toledo,66. Army,67. West Virginia,68. Miami, Ohio,69. Cincinnati,70. Pitt,71. Houston,72. UTSA,73. Western Kentucky,74. Marshall,75. Liberty,76. Coastal Carolina,77. Appalachian State,78. San Diego State,79. Ohio,80. Nebraska,81. Georgia Tech,82. Iowa State,83. Texas State,84. Baylor,85. Georgia State,86. Georgia Southern,87. UNLV,88. Vanderbilt,89. Indiana,90.San Jose State,91. Southern Miss,92. Virginia Tech,93. FAU,94. Virginia,95. Middle Tennessee,96. Eastern Michigan,97. Arizona State,98. Stanford,99. USF,100. East Carolina.

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Here are the Top 133 Team Rankings for College Football in 2023:

1. Georgia,2. Michigan,3. Florida State,4. Texas,5. USC,6. Ohio State,7. Penn State,8. Washington,9. Notre Dame,10. Alabama,11. Utah,12. Oregon,13. Tennessee,14. LSU,15. North Carolina,16. Oklahoma,17. Oregon State,18. Ole Miss,19. Kansas State,20. Colorado,21. Duke,22. Miami,23. Iowa,24. Washington State,25. Clemson,26. UCLA,27. Mississippi State,28. Tulane,29. Wisconsin,30. Arkansas,31. Kentucky,32. Auburn,33. Texas A&M,34. Kansas,35. Minnesota,36. Louisville,37. TCU,38. South Carolina,39. UCF,40. Maryland,41. NC State,42. Fresno State,43. Oklahoma State,44. Wake Forest,45. Missouri,46. Cincinnati,47. Air Force,48. Troy,49. South Alabama,50. Michigan State,51. Wyoming,52. Illinois,53. Pitt,54. SMU,55. Florida,56. Syracuse,57. BYU,58. Texas Tech,59. Boise State,60. Rice,61. Houston,62. UTSA,63. Arizona,64. Purdue,65. Western Kentucky,66. James Madison,67. California,68. Iowa State,69. West Virginia,70. Memphis,71. Rutgers,72. Georgia Tech,73. Toledo,74. Marshall,75. San Diego State,76. Liberty,77. Coastal Carolina,78. Appalachian State,79. Nebraska,80. Vanderbilt,81. Ohio,82. Texas State,83. Baylor,84. Indiana,85. San Jose State,86. Virginia Tech,87. Arizona State,88. East Carolina,89. Southern Miss,90. Georgia Southern,91. Stanford,92. FAU,93. Miami, Ohio,94. Northwestern,95. Georgia State,96. Middle Tennessee,97. Virginia,98. Eastern Michigan,99. ULM,100. Army

College Football Top 133 Team Rankings for 2023

1. Georgia,2. Michigan,3. Alabama,4. Florida State,5. USC,6. Ohio State,7. Penn State,8. Washington,9. Utah,10. Notre Dame,11. Texas,12. Oregon,13. Tennessee,14. LSU,15. North Carolina,16. Oklahoma,17. Wisconsin,18. Oregon State,19. Kansas State,20. Texas A&M,21. Duke,22. Clemson,23. Ole Miss,24. Colorado,25. Tulane,26. UCLA,27. Iowa,28. Kentucky,29. Arkansas,30. Miami,31. Mississippi State,32. Minnesota,33. Pitt,34. Auburn,35. Louisville,36. TCU,37. South Carolina,38. Maryland,39. NC State,40. Troy,41. Kansas,42. Illinois,43. Fresno State,44. UCF,45. South Alabama,46. Oklahoma State,47. Boise State,48. Wake Forest,49. Missouri,50. Air Force,51. Houston,52. Michigan State,53. UTSA,54. Wyoming,55. Texas Tech,56. Washington State,57. Florida,58. Iowa State,59. Nebraska,60. Syracuse,61. BYU,62. Cincinnati,63. SMU,64. Arizona,65. California,66. Western Kentucky,67. Purdue,68. San Diego State,69. West Virginia,70. Rutgers,71. Georgia Tech,72. Vanderbilt,73. Texas State,74. Toledo,75. Marshall,76. James Madison,77. Liberty,78. Coastal Carolina,79. Memphis,80. Baylor,81. Virginia Tech,82. Indiana,83. Arizona State,84. East Carolina,85. San Jose State,86. Appalachian State,87. Southern Miss,88. Ohio,89. Stanford,90. FAU,91. Louisiana,92. Georgia Southern,93. Northern Illinois,94. Virginia,95. Miami, Ohio,96. Northwestern,97. Boston College,98. Eastern Michigan,99. North Texas,100. UNLV

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College Football Top 100 Team Rankings for 2023 (Preseason Projection)

Securing a third consecutive national championship won't be a walk in the park, but Georgia is the clear front-runner for the '23 season. Despite losing key talent on both sides of the ball, the Bulldogs boast a roster filled with top-notch prospects, instilling confidence in their prospects. While the departure of coordinator Todd Monken is notable, the offensive gameplan under Mike Bobo is expected to remain consistent, building on the success that turned Georgia's offense into one of the SEC's best. Carson Beck emerged as the leading candidate to replace Stetson Bennett at quarterback during spring practice, and he benefits from having the nation's premier tight end, Brock Bowers, as a target. The addition of transfers Dominic Lovett (from Missouri) and RaRa Thomas (from Mississippi State) further bolsters the Bulldogs' receiving options. On the defensive side, Coach Kirby Smart may have lost key stars like Nolan Smith, Jalen Carter, Kelee Ringo, and Christopher Smith, but the unit is poised to maintain its dominance. Emerging talents such as lineman Mykel Williams, safety Malaki Starks, and linebackers Jamon Dumas-Johnson and Smael Mondon are ready to step into the spotlight.

The road to a Big Ten championship once again goes through Ann Arbor. Coach Jim Harbaugh's team is well-equipped on both offense and defense. The offense sees the return of quarterback J.J. McCarthy and a formidable running back duo in Blake Corum and Donovan Edwards. With key additions from the transfer portal, Michigan's offensive line remains among the best in college football. On the defensive front, there are few concerns, as this unit boasts seven returning starters and promising talents like cornerback Will Johnson and lineman Mason Graham.

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Q: How is college football ranked?
Ans: In the ranking process, every voter submits their personal list of the top 25 teams. These individual rankings are subsequently aggregated to determine the national ranking. Points are assigned to each team based on their placement in the voter's list, with a first-place vote earning 25 points, a second-place vote receiving 24 points, and so forth, down to 1 point for a twenty-fifth place vote

Q: How is the top 25 college football rankings determined?
Ans: College football rankings are determined through a combination of polls conducted by broadcasters, coaches, and a designated selection committee. The AP Top 25 Poll, for instance, gathers input from chosen broadcasters and writers. The allocation of voters in this poll is distributed proportionally based on the number of college football teams within each state.

Q: What is P in football?
Ans: the punter releases the football and kicks it into the air, a maneuver known as "punting." This action is executed to surrender possession to the defensive team and propel the ball as far downfield as feasible.

Q: What is the main college football league?
Ans: The NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), previously referred to as Division I-A, stands as the pinnacle of college football within the United States. It encompasses the most extensive and prominent institutions within the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Q: What is the main college football league?
Ans: The NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), previously referred to as Division I-A, stands as the pinnacle of college football within the United States. It encompasses the most extensive and prominent institutions within the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Q: How many colleges play football?
Ans: There are approximately 858 colleges and universities participating in football across five distinct division levels: NCAA Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, NAIA, and NJCAA.

College Football Rankings

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