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Universal Technical Institute, Inc. (UTI) is a private for-profit system of technical colleges throughout the United States. The school offers specialized technical education programs under the banner of several brands, including Universal Technical Institute (UTI), Motorcycle Mechanics Institute and Marine Mechanics Institute (MMI), MIAT College of Technology (MIAT), and NASCAR Technical Institute (NTI).


Universal Technical Institute was founded in 1965. UTI expanded its programs with additional curricula and opened new campuses, growing internally and through acquisitions. To address the needs of industry and corporate clients, UTI started providing continuing education and training for technicians in 1980. In 1983, UTI opened a campus in Houston, Texas. In 1988 UTI opened their Lisle, Illinois, campus. In 1998, it opened a campus in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

In January 1998, UTI acquired Clinton Harley Corporation and Clinton Education Group, Inc. for $26.3 million. Motorcycle Mechanics Institute and Marine Mechanics Institute (MMI) were operating divisions of Clinton Harley Corporation.

In June 1998, UTI acquired National Technology Transfer, Inc. (NTT) and Performance Training Associates (PTA). NTT provided intensive training seminars to technicians in sectors similar to the sectors that they served. PTA organized lecture training seminars in markets similar to NTT. The acquisition of NTT and PTA was completed for approximately $50.2 million. The NTT business was discontinued at a loss of $42.9 million. At the time of its initial public offering, UTI carried a debt load of $57.3 million.


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Enrollment and campus locations

Since December 2020, Universal Technical Institute has seen a significant drop in the number of students enrolled. In Spring of 2022, UTI opened the Austin, Texas campus. A planned Miramar, Florida campus opened in Summer of 2022.


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Programs at Universal Technical Institute

  • Automotive Technician Training Program
  • Diesel Technician Training Program
  • Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology Training
  • Motorcycle Technician Training Program
  • NASCAR Technician Training Program
  • Marine Mechanic Training Program

Financial Aid Information

All individuals applying to UTI must hold either a high school diploma or GED, and are requested to complete a FAFSA as early as possible during the application process. Determination of financial aid awards is based largely on FAFSA data. Students at Universal Technical Institute are eligible to apply for all federal loans, grants and scholarships, including Pell Grants. There is information on additional tuition reduction and government and agency funding programs available online.

Career Services

UTI offers all graduates assistance in obtaining entry-level positions. Job fairs and employment interviews are conducted at each campus. UTI maintains working relationships with manufacturers, aftermarket employers, national retailers and motor freight transport companies in order to help graduates make initial contacts in the industry. Graduates receive a job hunting guide, job lists and guidance in resume preparation. Employment assistance from National Technical Institute is available throughout a graduate's entire career.

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    Our Culture

    The Newrez workplace is energetic, fun and second to none. There's no doubt that you'll work hard - and that the hard work will be rewarding. – We are a company that believes in growing not only professional, but personally as well to achieve rewarding goals. We put our beliefs into action in a stimulating work environment.
    1. An exceptional group of engaged managers who are readily available to provide guidance (and if you have the talent, there's no reason why you couldn't become one of them)
    2. Training and development opportunities to increase your professional skills
    3. Acknowledgement and recognition of your achievements
    4. A flexible work schedule (because we know you have a life outside the office)
    5. Regular events, from bowling nights to community service events, that enable you and your colleagues to have fun and also to give back to the community


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  • Grow With Us

    Company Strength

    We're quickly becoming one of America's leading lenders

    Training and Mentoring

    We offer numerous training programs as well as ongoing mentoring throughout the company


    We offer competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits and outstanding perks, and our sales associates can shoot for the sky aided by our generous

    Timeless Industry

    The mortgage industry will always be a vital part of our country's economy

    Historic Time

    Competitive mortgage rates plus a diverse and growing portfolio of mortgage products that have not been available to home buyers for several years means strong


    We are only as strong as the people we employ, so we believe in rewarding them. As a Newrez employee, you enjoy competitive benefits and outstanding perks.
    1. Dental coverage from Met Life with a PPO plan
    2. Short- and long-term disability insurance from Lincoln Financial Group
    3. Health insurance from Independence Administrators with prescription drug coverage by Express Scripts 4. 401(k) retirement plan with employer matching contribution
    5. Voluntary life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance from Lincoln Financial 6. Pet insurance from Nationwide
    7. Vision Buy Up plan from Eye Med network of physicians
    8. Flexible Spending Accounts offered for Dependent Care and Transit


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    Universal Technical Institute: Universal Technical Institute (UTI) is a renowned educational institution that specializes in providing training and education for students pursuing careers in various industries, including automotive, diesel, motorcycle, marine, and collision repair.

    UTI Programs: These refer to the diverse range of training programs and courses offered by Universal Technical Institute. These programs cover various technical fields, such as automotive technology, diesel technology, motorcycle mechanics, and more, providing students with specialized skills and knowledge.

    UTI Locations: Universal Technical Institute has multiple campuses strategically located across the United States. These campuses serve as physical training centers where students can attend classes and hands-on workshops. Individuals may search for specific information about the locations of these campuses.

    Universal Technical Institute Reviews: Prospective students and interested individuals often seek reviews and feedback about Universal Technical Institute. These reviews provide insights into the quality of education, student experiences, and the effectiveness of UTI's programs.

    UTI Admissions: This keyword relates to the admission process and requirements for enrolling in Universal Technical Institute programs. It encompasses details about application procedures, prerequisites, and criteria for admission.

    UTI Tuition: Individuals interested in pursuing education at UTI may search for information regarding tuition costs. This includes details about the expenses associated with attending UTI, available financial aid options, scholarships, and payment plans.

    UTI Career Services: UTI offers comprehensive career services to assist graduates in finding suitable employment opportunities in their chosen fields. This keyword may be used to explore the various career services and resources provided by UTI.

    UTI Student Success Stories: People often look for success stories and testimonials from former UTI students who have achieved career success after completing their training programs. These stories serve as inspirational examples of what graduates can accomplish.

    Universal Technical Institute Accreditation: Accreditation is a critical aspect of an educational institution's reputation. This keyword is used to search for information about UTI's accreditation status, which validates the quality and legitimacy of the institute's programs.

    UTI Continuing Education: Some individuals may be interested in ongoing education and training opportunities offered by UTI to further advance their careers. This could include advanced courses, certifications, and professional development.

    UTI Alumni Network: UTI likely has an alumni network that connects graduates and provides resources for networking, career advice, and opportunities. Alumni networks are valuable for staying connected and accessing post-graduation support.

    Universal Technical Institute Programs Near Me: To facilitate convenience, people often search for UTI programs and campuses located near their geographical area. This allows prospective students to access education without extensive travel.


    Q:What is Universal Technical Institute (UTI)?
    Ans: Universal Technical Institute (UTI) is a renowned educational institution specializing in training individuals for careers in automotive, diesel, motorcycle, marine, and collision repair industries.

    Q:2. What programs does UTI offer?
    Ans: UTI offers a diverse range of programs covering various technical fields. These include automotive technology, diesel technology, motorcycle mechanics, marine mechanics, and collision repair.

    Q: Where are UTI's campuses located?
    Ans: UTI has multiple campuses across the United States, strategically positioned to provide technical and mechanical education. Specific campus locations can be found on UTI's official website.

    Q: How do I apply for admission to UTI?
    Ans: To apply for admission to UTI, visit the official website and follow the outlined application process. This typically involves submitting an application, meeting admission requirements, and providing necessary documentation.

    Q: What is the cost of tuition at UTI?
    Ans: Tuition costs at UTI vary based on the program and campus location. Detailed information about tuition, financial aid options, scholarships, and payment plans can be found on UTI's official website.

    Q: What career services are available to UTI graduates?
    Ans: UTI provides comprehensive career services to assist graduates in securing employment opportunities in their chosen fields. These services encompass job placement assistance, resume building, and access to industry connections.

    Q: Can you share success stories of UTI graduates?
    Ans:UTI has a history of successful graduates who have achieved fulfilling careers in the automotive, diesel, motorcycle, marine, and collision repair sectors. Inspiring success stories and testimonials can be found on UTI's official website.

    Q: Is UTI accredited?
    Ans:Yes, UTI holds accreditation from relevant accrediting bodies. Accreditation serves as validation of the quality and legitimacy of UTI's programs, ensuring they meet industry standards.

    Q: Are there opportunities for continuing education at UTI?
    Ans:UTI may offer continuing education options for individuals seeking to advance their skills and knowledge further. These opportunities may include advanced courses and certifications.

    Q: How can I connect with UTI alumni for networking and career guidance?
    Ans: UTI likely maintains an alumni network that facilitates connections, knowledge sharing, and career advice. Information about the alumni network can be obtained through UTI's official communication channels.


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