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NEET is a Prestigious Medical Entrance Exam held across the country. It is an Objective type exam in which 60% is dedicated to biology. That itself shows how crucial is to prepare Biology to Score well in NEET. Check out the NEET Multiple Choice Questions for Biology and prepare well for the exam. You can rely on them during your exam preparation as they are prepared by subject experts after ample research. MCQ Questions of NEET Biology prevailing are as per the latest syllabus guidelines.

MCQs on Class Pisces For NEET 2022


1. A common trait between tadpole and fish is
(a) scales
(b) lateral line
(c) fins
(d) legs

Answer >>

Answer: (b) lateral line


2. This has a cartilaginous endoskeleton
(a) Bony fishes
(b) Mollusca
(c) Dipnoi
(d) Elasmobranch

Answer >>

Answer: (d) Elasmobranch


3. True fishes have fins and gills. This is not a true fish
(a) Hippocampus – SeaHorse
(b) Hythalamictyes – Silver carp
(c) Carassius – Goldfish
(d) Lepisma – Silverfish

Answer >>

Answer: (d) Lepisma – Silverfish


4. This fish shows dorsal fin modified into suckers
(a) Neoceratodus
(b) Hippocampus
(c) Echeneis
(d) Torpedo

Answer >>

Answer: (c) Echeneis


5. This is a living fossil
(a) Neoceratodus
(b) Latimeria
(c) Lepidosteus
(d) Lepidosiren

Answer >>

Answer: (b) Latimeria


6. This is a migratory fish
(a) Ribbon fish
(b) Carp
(c) Salmon
(d) Shark

Answer >>

Answer: (c) Salmon


7. In fishes, air bladder does not facilitate
(a) movement
(b) respiration
(c) excretion
(d) none of these

Answer >>

Answer: (d) none of these


8. Type of association between shark and suckerfish is
(a) Predation
(b) Parasitism
(c) Commensalism
(d) Symbiosis

Answer >>

Answer: (c) Commensalism


9. Placoid scales are found in
(a) paleontological fishes
(b) lung fishes
(c) bony fishes
(d) cartilaginous fishes

Answer >>

Answer: (d) cartilaginous fishes


10. This is a characteristic feature of fishes
(a) gills and epidermal scales
(b) tail and epidermal scales
(c) gills and venous heart
(d) venous heart and tail

Answer >>

Answer: (c) gills and venous heart

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