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Idioms and Phrases Quiz for Competitive Examinations such as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, BANKS, CDS, NDA, MBA, RAILWAYS, PSC, etc.

Test related to Idioms and Phrases. This section contains 100 Idioms and Phrases questions previously asked in various competitive examinations such as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, BANKS, CDS, NDA, MBA, RAILWAYS, PSC, etc. Under this Test / Quiz, 10 multiple choice questions related to Idioms and Phrases will be displayed with four options. These questions are selected randomly from our Idioms and Phrases database.

Idioms and Phrases Quiz

Que 1: The teacher took me to task for not completing my homework.
[A] punished me
[B] took me to the principal
[C] reduced my homework
[D] gave me additional homework
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Correct Answer : [A] punished me
Que 2: Gate Crasher
[A] Invited friend
[B] Uninvited guest
[C] A drunk person
[D] A murderer
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Correct Answer : [B] Uninvited guest
Que 3: brought about
[A] caused
[B] succeeded
[C] halted
[D] invited
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Correct Answer : [A] caused
Que 4: Bone to pick
[A] Appear suddenly
[B] To reject
[C] Cause of quarrel
[D] To accept readily
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Correct Answer : [C] Cause of quarrel
Que 5: Going places.
[A] To go to the home back
[B] Talented and successful
[C] To go on a visit
[D] To be angry
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Correct Answer : [B] Talented and successful
Que 6: Of no avail
[A] In favour with
[B] Useless
[C] Useful
[D] To be utterly lost
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Correct Answer : [B] Useless
Que 7: Flies off at a tangent
[A] Self praising
[B] To boast
[C] Start discussing something irrelevant
[D] Well informed
Show Answer
Correct Answer : [C] Start discussing something irrelevant
Que 8: The salt of the Earth
[A] To expect something in return
[B] Very good & honest/kind
[C] To support someone
[D] Neat and clean
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Correct Answer : [B] Very good & honest/kind
Que 9: To have something on the brain
[A] To be ready with an immediate smart witty reply
[B] To think wistfully about past life
[C] To be obsessed with something
[D] To unable to solve a particularly difficult philosophical problem
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Correct Answer : [C] To be obsessed with something
Que 10: A cut above
[A] Rather superior to
[B] Tough situation
[C] To be idle
[D] To object at something
Show Answer
Correct Answer : [A] Rather superior to

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