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भारतीय कला और संस्कृति
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किताबों का नाम और लेखक
राज्य और उनकी राजधानी
भारतीय कृषि से संबन्धित प्रश्न
सामान्य हिंदी व्याकरण प्रश्नोत्तर
बीएड एंट्रेंस एग्जाम सामान्य ज्ञान
डी.एल.एड एंट्रेंस एग्जाम
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SSC Stenographer

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Computer Fundamentals: Understanding Hardware, Software, Networks, and More

A computer is a machine that uses electronics to input, process, store, and output data. Data is information such as numbers, words, and lists. Input of data means to read information from a keyboard, a storage device like a hard drive, or a sensor. The computer processes or changes the data by following the instructions in software programs. A computer program is a list of instructions the computer has to perform. Programs usually perform mathematical calculations, modify data, or move it around. The data is then saved on a storage device, shown on a display, or sent to another computer. Computers can be connected together to form a network such as the internet, allowing the computers to communicate with each other.

Que 1: Which of the following is the default mode for windows to start?
[A] Safe mode
[B] Normal mode
[C] command prompt
[D] None of these
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Correct Answer : [B] Normal mode
Que 2: Who improve the adding machine?
[A] Gottfried Leibnitz
[B] Blaise Pascal
[C] Napier
[D] Jesus Christ
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Correct Answer : [A] Gottfried Leibnitz
Que 3: Second-generation computer used-
[A] Transistor instead of vacuum tubes
[B] Integrated circuitry
[C] Vacuum tubes instead of an electromechanical device
[D] None of the above
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Correct Answer : [A] Transistor instead of vacuum tubes
Que 4: Performance-wise digital computers are how many types?
[A] 6
[B] 4
[C] 2
[D] 1
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Correct Answer : [B] 4
Que 5: Octal equivalent of hexadecimal code F3A1 is :
[A] 158661
[B] 171641
[C] 176541
[D] 173101
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Correct Answer : [C] 176541
Que 6: How many unique symbols in a decimal number system?
[A] 8
[B] 10
[C] 4
[D] 2
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Correct Answer : [B] 10
Que 7: मौर्यकालीन कलिंग राज्य स्थित था ?
[A] वर्तमान उत्तरी उड़ीसा में
[B] वर्तमान पूर्वी उड़ीसा में
[C] वर्तमान पश्चिमी उड़ीसा में।
[D] वर्तमान दक्षिणी उड़ीसा में।
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Correct Answer : [D] वर्तमान दक्षिणी उड़ीसा में।
Que 8: The ……. contains Commands associated with my computer window :
[A] Start menu
[B] System menu
[C] Standard menu
[D] None of these
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Correct Answer : [B] System menu
Que 9: Which of the following is an example of utility?
[A] Data Recovery
[B] Operating system
[C] Word
[D] Antivirus
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Correct Answer : [D] Antivirus
Que 10: When we convert 10010 binary numbers to decimals. Then the solution is :
[A] 2010
[B] 1810
[C] 1410
[D] 1610
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Correct Answer : [B] 1810

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